Photos by Jo Diver

a note from your new photographer

hey y’all!

i'm ashley little. i received my bachelors degree in fine arts from the university of memphis where i studied graphic design and took a few photography courses. 

i work full time as a graphic designer for a print shop designing & producing small & large format projects. i am also a freelance photographer, as it is a passion of mine to capture moments in time.

i started out shooting details of everyday life that most people do not even notice. i love to find the beauty in everything... and everyone. so, i decided to start shooting portraits & then went on to shoot weddings. i also enjoy shooting music events & things of that nature. 

every moment i capture becomes a piece of my life and i will cherish each image forever. 

as a wife & mother of two toddlers, i know just how special every moment of life can be. i would love to be your photographer. whether it's at the birth of your newborn, your boyfriend's band's gig, or your big wedding day, i will be there for you. let me share your precious moments with you & provide you with gorgeous images that will last you a lifetime.

see you soon,